Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why we do what we do Wednesday

Every Wednesday we will be featuring a story about the passion and inspiration that goes on behind the scenes at Computers for a Cause. The stories we share, the people and organizations we donate to are some of the reasons why we "do what we do." There are still over 83 million people in the United States without computers. This not only impedes growth but also puts a person at a disadvantage, as they lack the resources they need to succeed. 

Today we will be featuring Andrea: 

Andrea is a student and an avid volunteer in the Los Angeles community she lives in. She also has goals to go to college after she finishes her GE. Andrea requested a complete computer system in her home to help her and her three younger siblings finish their schooling, a request we have happily fulfilled. Andrea also plans to use the computer for work by emailing documents, typing, faxing and writing her resume. 

Andrea (talking about her family): “We are doing our best to support each other but money is very tight due to medical and living expenses. Having a computer in our home will benefit all of us as we are all in school and both me and my mother are job hunting.”

Everyone at Computers for a Cause is very thankful for the hard work Andrea puts into the Los Angeles community, and we are thrilled to provide the tools she needs to become a better student and volunteer to the organizations she helps out. Andrea’s story and aspirations are some of the reasons why we do what we do. 

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